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VIVA AI is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that brings
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Video Generator

With VIVA AI, creating stunning, high-quality videos has never been easier. From simple edits to complex animations, VIVA AI does it all, ensuring your videos stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Video Enhance

Upgrade your videos to 4K resolution.

Enjoy sharper, more detailed videos with VIVA AI’s enhancement tools, perfect for high-quality content creation.

Text to Video

Bring your words to life by entering a prompt.

VIVA AI’s advanced AI algorithms will generate a visually compelling video based on your text, perfect for storytelling, marketing, or educational content.

Image to Video

Turn any image into a video Instantly.

Upload any image, and VIVA AI will transform it into an engaging video, adding motion and depth to your visual content.

Magic Brush

Animate any part of your pictures with a simple brush stroke.

This feature allows you to bring images to life in seconds, adding a new level of interactivity and engagement to your visual content.

Magic Prompt
Let our AI Model optimize your prompts effortlessly.
This intuitive feature takes the guesswork out of video creation, ensuring your ideas shine with minimal effort. Focus on your imagination, and let VIVA AI handle the details, turning your thoughts into beautiful visuals seamlessly.
Vertical Video Excellence
Excel in short-form content creation with our vertical video capabilities.
VIVA AI caters to the growing demand for short-form videos, making it ideal for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
Customizable Motion and Dimensions
Tweak the motion and size to nail your vision
Control the motion and dimensions of your videos to match your vision. Whether you want dynamic action scenes or serene, static visuals, VIVA AI offers extensive customization options to suit your needs.
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Image Generator
Turn Any Idea into a Photo Instantly. VIVA.AI’s powerful AI technology generates high-quality photos effortlessly, making it easier than ever to bring your concepts to life.

Text to Image

Generate breathtaking images from text prompts.

Simply enter your description, and VIVA AI will create visually striking images that perfectly match your words.

Image to Image

Upload an image as reference and turn it
into a captivating image.

VIVA AI allows for creative transformation and enhancement, turning simple
images into masterpieces.

Revolutionizing Your Image Editing
Easily enhance, edit, and transform your images with VIVA.AI’s cutting-edge AI technology.
Image Enhance
Upgrade your images to 4K resolution.
VIVA AI enhances the resolution and clarity of your images, making them suitable for professional use and large-format displays.
Upgrade Your Image
AI Replace
Edit any selected area of an image seamlessly.
VIVA AI allows you to modify specific parts of an image without affecting the overall composition, ensuring smooth and natural edits.
Repainting Now
Magic Eraser
Remove any unwanted parts.
VIVA AI allows you to clean up your photos, eliminating any distractions or imperfections for a polished final product. Easily erase unwanted people, objects, and more with precision.
Begin Cleanup
Magic Expand
Expand and enrich the image content.
VIVA AI adds more context and detail to your photos, creating a fuller and more immersive visual experience. Conveniently recompose your images with support for 2x and 4x expansion.
Expand Your Image

Text to 3D

Create stunning 3D models from text prompts.

No skills needed – just your imagination. Describe your vision, and VIVA AI turns your words into detailed 3D models in minutes. Generate, edit in real-time, and apply directly in Vision Pro.

a brown dragon with wings
a brown Lego Groot robot with claws from Guardians of the Galaxy
a robot with glowing green eyes and orange shoes
a teddy bear with a pink bow and dress
a white plastic teddy bear
a zombie dog with green eyes
Users Love Us
Discover why users love VIVA AI by
hearing directly from them.
Product Hunt User
Digital Artist
Just tried out VIVA and I'm seriously impressed! As someone who's always struggled with design, VIVA's AI-powered platform made it super easy to create high-quality visuals. I mean, turning my random ideas into stunning 4K videos. That's a game-changer! It's like having a personal graphic designer at my fingertips. Definitely recommending this to all my fellow creatives!
Deepanshu Sharma
AI Practitioner
Viva AI impressively transforms text into vivid videos and images, offering a seamless and efficient content creation experience.
Twitter User
Best AI video generation I have ever used! Really great and helpful!
Ihtesham Haider
Writer and AI educator
Viva has completely transformed how I create content! The Text to Video feature is incredible—I typed in a description, and it generated a sleek video perfect for my tweet. The Image Enhance tool adds a professional touch to every frame. I also love that I can adjust the frame size and motion to fit different social media platforms perfectly. Getting to use this tool for free during the beta is fantastic!
Twitter User
AI Creator
I recently started using ViVA, and I must say, it has completely transformed my video creation process! The AI-generated videos are absolutely captivating, and the 4K Video Enhancement feature ensures stunning results every time. Plus, the beginner-friendly automatic prompt optimization makes it so easy to use. ViVA truly delivers an unparalleled video creation experience!
Product Hunt User
Just tried Viva using t2v, i2v and 4k enhance. The results are incredible. Love the prompt enhancement feature too!
Hasan Toor
Digital Content Creator
Viva truly amazed me! I used it to turn a few lines of text into a high-quality video, and the results were fantastic. The editing tools are incredibly user-friendly, especially the Repainting feature, which allows me to easily adjust the details. As a digital content creator, this is the best vertical format video generator I've ever used. And it's free right now. I highly recommend it to anyone needing to create videos quickly.
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How can I optimize my prompts for video creation with VIVA AI?
Does VIVA AI support vertical video creation for social media?
Can I transform existing images into engaging videos with VIVA AI?